Day 8 Adelaide – Portland

Latitude; 38°01.4’S

Longitude; 140°14.1’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 76.3NM

Average speed; 3.1KN

Weather; Grey drizzly skies, slight seas & light breeze, ESE force 2,  Temp 17°

The seas swell starts to increase again slightly after lunch with confused seas, much to everybody’s disappointment.  The ship is rolling once again with an uncomfortable motion. In the evening whilst doing the rounds, I went to close the great cabin windows for the evening and as I went to do so the ship rose exceptionally high to then ride down a large wave pushing the stern low down into the water. The free fall effect was much like being on a roller coaster, but unfortunately we cannot get off.

The morning brings much more comfortable seas and land in sight. Today Ida is celebrating her 31st Birthday although you wouldn’t know it to look at her; she looks as if she is celebrating her 21st Birthday. There are many Albatross and Australian Gannets flying near by the ship. There are also whale spotting’s being made of the bow, it is blue whale season and although they are relatively timid, it is a special sight to witness these gentle giants that are rare to see but especially so close to the coast. The blue whale is the largest whale species measuring up to 30m. As Captain Ross gives a lecture, there is a pod of common dolphins make a beeline towards the ship’s bow. We have been fortunate this voyage with dolphins frequently coming to play in the wake. On this occasion we have a mother and her young playing.

The good news is that today we will set sail after lunch; the winds are still not from the direction we desire, but they will be due to come from the West later on today and so with the lighter winds we decide that we would much rather sail and wait for the winds as opposed to motor and wait for the winds.

All’s well.

6 thoughts on “Day 8 Adelaide – Portland

  1. Thank you everybody for your comments. For the friends and family of our current voyage crew, your messages are being well recieved!

  2. HI there Rhiannon,
    Well nearly there. Bet you will be glad to see dry land. Well not quite so dry up here either. looking forward to see you on Monday not sunday as you said.
    Love mum dad and Matthewxxxxxx

  3. Hi Crew, it’s good to see the weather has eased off for you at last .
    I just hope Richard can find his way to Portland without his Garmin 800 bicycle navigator ! !
    We have really loved reading the blog everyday , hope you all have fair winds on your last days sailing in to Portland .
    Best Wishes from Peter and Diana

  4. Hi Megan, welcome back to victorian weather. hope your hanging on tight as it is rather yuck with wind and now rain, thinking of you all and look forward to seeing you in Portland Mum and Robert xx

  5. Hi Richard,
    Looks like things have calmed down a bit out there.
    Have a terrific time for your remaining days at sea!
    Still keeping an eye out for you on the webcam…..
    Looking forward to seeing you soon 😀
    Fair sailing!
    Lots of Love Jane, Kat & Matt xxxooo

  6. Dear Dad ( Scottish Mark)
    Today I did the tryathalon and I got a medal and when the spot prizes were presented my number got called out. So I won a new bike. It is orange, black and white. How is your sailing going?
    Lots of Love Tess xxx

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