Day 7 Adelaide –Portland

Mark and Trish on the helm riding out the storm

Latitude; 37°09.3’S

Longitude; 139°07.7’E

Distance travelled in the last 24hrs; 47.9NM

Average speed; 1.9KN

Weather; SE force 5-6, clear blue skies, visibility good, 17.4°, sea state moderate – rough 4m swells

The afternoon continues with very rough conditions, every now and then you feel like it might be subsiding ever so slightly, to then get a large set of waves take you by surprise. The day continues as an easy going day with it being so hard to move around the ship. Most of the crew appear to make the most of the down time by catching up on some sleep or relaxing in the 20th century with a good book. I was mentioning the other day about the galley team and how hard they work in tough conditions, well today is a prime example. Whilst most of us are just clinging to anything and gently side stepping around the ship and the weather is blowing gale winds, these guys are cooking up a storm of their own! We are now heading closer to land as the forecast is showing Easterly winds as of tomorrow from 1015 onwards. We will motor for the rest of the night and by 0830 tomorrow we will be in the right position to shut down the iron staysails and set the sails for the last chapter of our adventure.

By 0000 the wind shows genuine signs of subsidence and gradually over the next few hours the winds decreases to a force 5-6 (approx. 22knots,) however although the wind has decreased it always takes the sea swell longer to abate. By morning the seas are feeling easier on the soul, although it is still a case of a couple of steps forward, one step backwards. We are back to normal ships routine this morning so everyone has the joyous ‘Happy hour’. The bad news comes that the weather prediction for the Easterly winds today have now been pushed forward a day and that they are now not forecast for tomorrow (Saturday.) So it leaves us with the iron staysails for another 24 hours.

Holding on tightly

At morning tea I find a group huddled around the fruit bowel reading a letter and taped next to it some treasure. On Sunday the ship will pass by the ‘Queen Mary II’ where it has been arranged that we will have a liaison with her, she is also undergoing a circumnavigation of Australia the only difference being that she will do it 385 days quicker than we will. In light of this Glenn has decided to place a wager, the first person who spots the ‘Queen Mary II’ will win the said treasure.

All’s well.

Sheeting in the main staysail is a team efforts in strong winds

11 thoughts on “Day 7 Adelaide –Portland

  1. Hi Crew , watched the ships webcam today , and it looks amazing , nice and sunny .
    According to my ever reliable wind report the wind will get a bit stronger tonight and then start to ease off and gradually clock back around to the South West by Sunday for a nice run into Portland .
    I think I saw Richard on the webcam ? Hi Richard !
    I’m wondering what “The Treasure” can be ,, maybe a small jug of rum for the lucky winner ?

    From Dad

  2. Hey Captain Ross:

    Have you heard any news on how Manu 1 & 2 are travelling? I tried the BOM site but it seems to be read only.


    Will Rogers

    • Hi Will,

      How are you doing? I have passed your message on to Dirk and Captain Ross. I will keep you updated as soon as I know.

      Many thanks


  3. Hi Richard,
    Well it certainly looks like you’ve been “rocking it” today!!!
    Looks like you are getting your money’s worth with the varying weather…..
    Pretty sure I caught you on the webcam today….better you than me! 🙂
    We all enjoy reading the blogs each day, hope you are having an awesome time 😀
    Keep on keeping on!
    Love Jane, Kat & Matt

  4. Hi Trish (Mama),
    Nice picture of you “driving” the ship. Hope you aren’t too seasick with the huge waves. Really missing you at home (all’s well) and look forward to your arrival on Monday. Love you!
    Elijah, Rach and Papa

  5. Hi Richard,
    The sea looks a bit calmer today. Love the web cam. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Love Mum & Dad.

  6. Hi Captain Ross and crew.
    Hope the sailing is going well and the weather clears.
    Looking forward to seeing you all when you dock in Portland Bay.
    Best Regards,
    Gilbert Wilson,

  7. Hi Ellie:

    Thanks for doing that for me. I was not successful in the ballot for LHI but I remain hopeful of getting in on a cancellation even though I know that will be by ballot too. Otherwise all is well with me.

    Saw the Herald Sun pics of the encounter with QM2; what a great moment.



    • Hi Will,

      I spoke with Ross and he suggested that you give Holly a call about LHI if you are really interested, it would be great to have you back on board for this voyage. I know the ballot is now closed but there are a few people dropping out already so there might still be an opportunity.


  8. Hi Ellie:

    Thanks for asking. I did mail Holly and she advised contact BOM. BOM’s site doesn’t allow for questions to be asked and the information on buoys is fairly general with a mention about the different types but nothing specific. As for LHI, while there’s life, there’s hope. Enjoy the calm before the roaring forties. I would have put my hand up for that but my nephew is getting married during that time and the inconsiderate little sod won’t put it off for me and I have to go.



  9. Hi Ellie:

    Just realised my wires were crossed with the above reply; I was talking about the buoys and you were talking about LHI. I did also ask Holly if I could go on a waiting list but she said there was not one as such, just that if a vacancy occurred, it too would be filled by ballot. So it’s just a matter of waiting and hoping.



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