Day 1 Adelaide – Portland

Latitude; 34°49.3’S

Longitude; 138°30.6’E

Distance run in 30 minutes; 1.1NM

Weather; Light W /SW winds, clear sunny skies with cirrus clouds and flat calm seas.

It is an early start this morning, with the crew arriving bleary eyed and heaven laden with their gear to a dark, but balmy morning. There is still much interest from the general public as they walk by and ask a lot of inquisitive questions.

Whilst the ship has been alongside in Port Adelaide we have had over 6,000 Visitors over the course of eight days, which is sensational. A big thank you to the Port of Adelaide Council, Adelaide Maritime Museum, department of planning, transport and infrastructure, Adelaide ports and all the volunteers who have dedicated much of their time, to share the enthusiasm and history of the ship.

The final polishing touches to the cleaning are being carried out this morning prior to the arrival of the voyage crew. By 0930 we are welcoming the new crew on board and getting them established in their watches with introductions and showing them where to stow their gear. It is fantastic to see so many familiar faces or otherwise known as repeat offenders.

We are due to depart at 1100 hours but after our eventful arrival, we decide to stand off until we see both bridges opening. Meanwhile it is a pleasure to see so many supporters having come down to wave us farewell. At 1125 there is success as both bridges begin to open, as this is the sign we are waiting for, we let slip the lines. Captain Ross carefully swings the ship 180 degrees around to face the narrow bridge opening, using what little wind there is to aid him.

We have braced the courses sharp up, just to allow us that little extra space when going under the bridges. There are many people out on the water to escort us out, in kayaks, jet skis, yachts, motor boats and South Australia’s much loved own tall ship, The One And All. The second mate Ally gives a loud shout to make all aware that we are going to fire the starboard cannon, there are many cheers as it booms and echoes all the way up the river. A disgruntled, curious, river dolphin even raises it head out to enquire what all the noise is about.

As we near the bridge we also standby on the spritsail braces, just in the event that we also need to bring them in sharp. The ships main and foremast masts look very close to the bridge with only the smallest of clearings. This is usually an illusion with any ships masts when clearing a bridge. However on this occasion the masts are close to the bridge as it opens at a sharp angle, Captain Ross has to carefully choose his route, if Endeavour goes too far over to the one side of the channel it could prove fatal. We keep to the left side of the channel, clear the bridge and proceed up the river to the big blue.

All’s well.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Adelaide – Portland

  1. We would like to wish you all on board a great trip and hope that you get some nice favorable winds to Portland .
    Just hope that Richard behaves himself !
    We are following you on your tracker !
    From Pete and Disey

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