Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 5 FINAL DAY!!

Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 5

Location: Port Adelaide

Distance travelled: 65.6 NM

Average speed: 2.7 knots

Weather Conditions: Quite warm with a very slight breeze.

So here we are on the final 24 hours of the voyage, in the afternoon of the 13th the crew spent most of their time exchanging contact details with the rest of their watches and crew mates while spending the last few hours relaxing on deck after their voyage. During the evening we were still under motor but that didn’t stop the festivities of the evening. The Great Cabin afternoon tea still went ahead with the supers as well as the mess deck dinner with some video clips presented by the Captain.

Once the night came the decision was made to keep sailing throughout the night instead of anchoring which was originally the plan. So we kept sailing around the entrance to the Port River until it came the time to start making our way up the river in the morning at about 3.5 knots.

We were greeted at the mouth of the river by a handful of small sailing yachts but best of all we were joined by South Australia’s own “One and All” a sail training vessel. It was a welcome sight to see her back out on the water with her enthusiastic volunteers, for a special trip to greet us and escort us up the river.

As we were sailing down the river some preparations had to be made for sailing under the express way bridge which was due to open at 1030 hours, so the T’Gallant Masts were lowered to give us more clearance under the open bridge.

As we were making our way up the river, a number of smaller vessels joined us for a short sail. Whether they were small motor boats or sailing vessels, some were keen enough to get out on the water with a kayak and paddle along beside us.

Once we made our way up the river we motored up to the bridge and waited a small while for the scheduled opening, although unfortunately there was a slight glitch with one side of the bridge as it wouldn’t open and there was a short delay in the berthing of the ship but we were soon under way again and motoring underneath the bridge.

As we made our way through the bridge we were greeted by a large crowd on the wharf and our greeting in return was of course… cannon fire, this time by both our Port AND Starboard cannons!

Soon enough we were putting up lines to the wharf and setting up the gangway so our voyage crew can depart the vessel, but not before the crew said their final goodbyes and thanked them all for the wonderful voyage.

So here we are, in Adelaide safe and sound after another magical voyage and I’m more than happy to say that all is well.