Bark canoe takes a ride

David Payne (our resident bark canoe expert) received a few strange looks driving into work today with this bark canoe strapped to the top of his car!

Bark canoe atop a car

The canoe was made by James Dodd for an exhibition at the State Library of NSW some time ago and was given to David by James. The bark was sourced from Batemans Bay, so it’s only fitting that the canoe is returned to its place of origin, this being the reason it has been brought to the museum today.

Through David’s work on the Nawi indigenous watercraft conference, he has been talking with people all around Australia, including contacts in Batemans Bay, who are more than happy to take this particular craft off his hands for the Batemans Bay community to enjoy. The canoe is due to be picked up this afternoon and transported down the NSW south coast… so keep an eye out if you happen to be travelling that way!

Registrations for the conference Nawi  – Exploring Australia’s indigenous watercraft will be open soon. We’ll keep you in the loop via this blog or you can sign up to the Nawi enewsletter for alerts about registrations and conference developments.