Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 4

Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 4

Latitude:  35⁰ 25.7’S

Longitude:  137⁰ 39.9’E

Distance travelled:  93.8NM

Average speed: 3.9 knots

Weather: clear skies with light winds.

Hello again and welcome to day 4 of our voyage from Port Lincoln to Adelaide!! So on the morning of the 12th there was a lot of excitement with all the activities with the rigging. There was a wearing of ship during the night and the captain made sure it happened again just before lunch but the real excitement happened after lunch. After lunch a call was made over the PA, all hands were required on deck for the first tacking of the ship for this voyage.

Once all hands were on deck our Chief officer Dirk and the captain explained to the crew what they were about to do and why of course it was necessary before giving the ok for the activities to begin. All hands went to their assigned lines and got ready to lend a hand with the manoeuvre. Once the call was made everyone got to work hauling and easing until finally the ship was transferred to the opposite tack. All lines were belayed and coiled and the crew took a few minutes to get used to the ship being on a different angle.

After sailing for the majority of the afternoon, the sails were furled and tucked away while the engines were turned on during the night, ensuring that we make enough ground to get us to our destination on time.

In the morning, once everybody was up and up and about, there was a lot of relaxation up on deck as we continued to motor through the morning.

Also during the morning the few voyage crew on bow watch were delighted to spot some dolphins playing in the distance, who after a while came up close to the ship and began swimming and playing in her wake.

At 1100 hours as normal, another lecture by the captain was organised on the quarterdeck, this time about celestial navigation, which interested many of the crew, who even after being called for lunch, still sat to read some of the books and graphs that were provided by the captain for anyone interested.

And after the busy last 24 hours I am again pleased to say that all is well.