Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 3

Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 3

Latitude:  34⁰ 58’S

Longitude:  136⁰ 22.9’E

Distance travelled: 83 NM

Average speed:  3.4 knots

Weather: clear skies and gentle seas

Hello again and welcome to day 3 of our voyage from Port Lincoln to Adelaide!! The last 24 hours have been absolute bliss for the entire crew, which if I have re-read my last posts correctly; the entire voyage has been magical so far with perfect conditions and sunny weather!! In the afternoon of the 11th the crew got to working setting their first sails for the voyage, using their newly learned line handling skills to set the staysails and later in the evening one of the watches was up on the Main Course yard, unfurling the Main course making sure it was ready to be set later on.

Once night had set in a lot of the ships company took the time to sling up their hammocks and get prepared for some well-earned shut eye. During the night though there were definitely some very full on watches to be worked through, with Mizzenmast working almost through their entire watch wearing ship and setting more sails.

The next morning, all was well as we continued to sail, and Huzzah!! We have a birthday today!! So we must bid a happy birthday to Peter Richardson of mainmast watch! Early this morning when the first sitting was called for breakfast almost the entire ship was woken by the sound of the watches in the 20th century deck singing happy birthday very enthusiastically before they were told unfortunately, to quieten down because there were crew still trying to sleep…

We went ahead with our daily routine of our voyage crew meeting and happy hour, but soon afterwards all hands were called up on deck as it was time to wear ship as, according to the captain, we were sailing in the slightly wrong direction!!

Also in the morning due to the sun being nice and bright, the captain also held a lecture up on the quarter deck about sextants, the history of them and of course how to use them, giving the voyage crew a go and a hands on experience with the same type of earlier equipment used by Lieutenant James Cook.

After yet another amazing day, I can say yet again…

That all is well.