Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 2

Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 2

Latitude:   34⁰ 40’S

Longitude:  136⁰ 09’E

Distance travelled:   9 NM

Average speed:  3 knots ( 3 hours sailing from anchorage)

Weather: fine with a slight breeze

So here we are on day 2 of our voyage from Port Lincoln to Adelaide!!

During the afternoon of the first day, the training continued until late in the evening, with many of the crew going for their first climb aloft with their watch members before it was time to settle in for the night.

Dirk and Mervyn talking before Mervyns first climb aloft

As the night drew closer the skies cleared up, making it a perfect start to a voyage, the ship went quiet quite early as the new crew got snuggled into their hammocks for their first night on board the Endeavour.

During the first night, the ship was anchored in Proper Bay and in the morning we were woken to a magical surprise, the sunrise lit up the whole sky in a sea of purples and golds making a definite memorable moment for those who were up to witness it and take photos of their first sunrise on board.

After the sun had fully risen and breakfast was finished and packed up, we began to introduce the daily routine, starting with an early morning voyage crew meeting, where Captain Ross discusses the voyage and our passage plan throughout the 5 days.

Happy hour soon commenced, with the ship being put back into “ship-shape”. After the morning routine was finished, it was then time to weigh anchor and head out to sea!! Or in this case… up further into the Gulf!! Where there are favourable conditions for sailing.

After we weighed anchor and started making way out of the anchorage, the new voyage crew took a few minutes to take in their new surrounding before being put to work setting the first sails of the voyage as well as the majority of the crew attending a lecture on 18th century sailing at 11 am with the Captain on the waist of the vessel.

After an amazing start to the voyage I am pleased to say,

All is well.

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