Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 1

Port Lincoln to Adelaide Day 1

Latitude: 34⁰ 45.9’S

Longitude: 135⁰ 55.7’E

Weather: fine with occasional showers

Hello again!! And welcome to all of our new voyage crew that joined us earlier today to join us for a five day sail across to Adelaide!! So early this morning, the professional crew were up early and working hard on board the ship to put the final touches on the ship before she was ready for sea, giving her the final scrub and polish.

Once the clock hit 0930 the Topmen and Upperyardies were up on the wharf waiting to welcome their new watches on board for their voyage, which went rather smoothly until right at the end when a large rain shower that hit just as the introductions to their watch leaders were finishing up.

Once all voyage crew were on board, the usual introductions and tours of the ship commenced, with wet weather gear all round. Soon enough we were beginning to sail from our berth in Port Lincoln to our anchorage in Proper Bay just below the Flinders monument.

The voyage crew were given a small break to stow all of their belongings and become familiar with the ship and how it runs etc but it was soon time to get stuck into the climbing and line handling so they’re ready for the next few days.

Safety round and lifejacket demonstrations were discussed on the quarterdeck with our second officer Ally, while Captain Ross discussed helming and compass work and Dirk our Chief officer was on the bow discussing Harnesses and sea sickness.

We reached the anchorage at lunch time and by 12:30 just as lunch was finished and the ship was nicely settled in with the new crew not far behind.

All is well.