Albany to Port Lincoln Day 14 – The final day!!

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 14 The final Day!!

Noon Location: Port Lincoln!!

Weather: Sunny with a slight breeze, with a feeling of contentment in the air.

So here we are!! In the final 24 hours of our 14 day voyage across the Great Australian Bight!! With the plans for the evening well underway, the captain now must choose his anchorage, unfortunately after we anchored for the first time at about midday we were surprised to find that the bottom at the anchorage we had chosen was not suitable, as it was fine mud and we were dragging anchor.

After a couple of attempts of finding suitable conditions, Endeavour finally found a suitable spot for her to rest, so we found ourselves anchored peacefully (and conveniently) in “Proper Bay” under the “Lee” of Finders Monument just off Port Lincoln.

The Great Cabin afternoon tea was a very successful afternoon with the Supernumeraries getting to spend their afternoon chatting to the Captain and having an exclusive evening with him before the call for the Mess Deck Dinner was made.

Once it reached 1630 hours, the call was made for the professional crew to gather in the 18th century deck and for the voyage crew to sit up on deck to give the crew the time to set up the 18th century deck and also gives the voyage crew time to make final adjustments to their performances for the SODS Opera.

During the mess deck dinner which was called at 1830 it was the very traditional “Officers serve the crew” with also the food tradition of a lovely roast and cheesecake prepared by our Chef which was greatly enjoyed by all.

After all the washing up was done and dusted, the night was able to continue with all hands being called back to the 18th century deck to start SODS Opera night, Firstly, was a speech from the Captain, thanking the crew for coming on board and joining the crew on the amazing adventure across the Great Australian Bight.

After the speech from the Captain, the festivities were able to begin, starting with a wonderful performance, provided by the Mainmast crew who provided a very entertaining and very loud performance involving one of our upperyardies on his guitar, followed by Foremast with a small sea shanty of their own.

Afterwards a rogue crew member Ben, stood out of Foremast watch to present a short poem he had written whilst the other members of his watch had been writing their song.

And last but not least, Mizzen mast watch had a rather large performance that was set out like a TV show, with different little skits intertwined into their performance including two solo performances by Yuri and Malcolm and a rather large performance by the entire watch.

The rest of the evening was full of small presentations, video clips and slide shows, showing many different extreme sea situations of some vessels that had just done the voyage we had. After that, a short movie was played by the Captain from his personal collection as another small end of voyage tradition, before everyone decided to turn in and try and get enough sleep for their arrival in port the next morning.

In the morning once everyone was awake, the preparations for arrival in port were underway. While the voyage crew were packing up their belongings, the permanent crew were getting the mooring lines out of the forepeak.

As we started heading into port, a small handful of boats plus the lovely historic Tuna vessel Tacoma had joined us in sailing into port and were overjoyed in the cannon fire as we pulled in.

Once we were moored, the Voyage crew certificates were presented and the goodbyes were said and a very happy and content crew left the ship with newly made friends for life and memories that will last forever.

Last but not least, the final stats for the voyage!!!

The total amount of Nautical Miles we covered from Albany to Port Lincoln is 1321 NM

with 480 NM being under sail and 841 under motor, but all in all a grand success !!!


All is well.