Albany to Port Lincoln Day 13

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 13

Latitude: 34⁰ 43.7S

Longitude: 135⁰ 58.1’E

So here we are on the one of the last full days until we go back into port and you can feel the excitement brewing among the crew. In the afternoon of the 31st one of our voyage crew, James, who had caught one blue fin tuna in the morning, had added another blue fin tuna to his collection. It was slightly smaller than his first fish, but it was a fish none the less!! And he was just as stoked at his second catch as he was with his first.

As the sun settled behind the horizon, the crew also settled nice and early so they were ready for their next big day…

During the night, all was calm and crew were said to have watched as they came closer to land and saw the lighthouses peeking over the horizon, buzzing with excitement as they began to slowly see the land emerge.

In the morning when all hands were called to wake up, a few curious bodies made their way up on deck to get a glimpse of the land they had seen during their watch the previous night, but this time in beautiful sunny weather with the outside temperature being quite a lot warmer than the previous days.

Endeavour kept her sail and made good way avoiding the numerous Tuna Farms that has made Port Lincoln famous with many trawlers diverting from their work giving us a welcome wave . Soon after many days of sail we had the sad task of furling our sails and look for a safe anchorage

The rest of the day was incredibly full on for all. With the Great Cabin afternoon tea for the Supernumeraries, the mess deck dinner and also the SODS opera straight afterwards. So many of the voyage crew spent their spare time preparing and rehearsing for their performances for later on in the evening, some writing poems, some writing songs and some organising little skits.

A lot of what’s left of the day was either used up in preparation for the nights events or the voyage crew beginning to wind down and get their personal belongings ready and packed for their arrival in port the next day.


All is well.