Albany to Port Lincoln Day 12

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 12

Latitude: 36⁰ 11’S

Longitude: 135⁰ 35’E

Distance travelled: 128 NM

Average speed: 5.3 knots

Weather: Sailing easy on moderate seas

Hello again! And welcome to day 12 of our voyage across the Great Australian Bight!! So after lunch on the 30th of January, the rough weather continued to cause great excitement among the entire crew. It definitely made their safety rounds a little bit more interesting…

As well as lunch, dinner was also an eventful exercise, with voyage crew unintentionally running across the 20th trying to keep themselves and their freshly served plate of food balanced while laughing all the while. All crew took the weather in their stride and adapted quickly to the new roll pattern of the ship and many have perfected moving around the ship under these new conditions. All of the voyage crew are in good spirits and happy to be sail handling in some proper sailing weather.

During the night the weather stayed quite rough and was said to be blowing a gale the majority of the night, making sleeping rather uncomfortable for not only the voyage crew but the professional crew as well, so a lot of tired but also keen faces were seen emerging from the companion ways this morning.

Early in the morning, the swell had calmed down enough for the safety lines to be taken down, so now  the crew could wander round the decks easily again without having to rely on the safety lines to help them with their balance and footing.

After the normal morning meeting with the Captain where he had shown the crew how far we’ve come and explaining our path during the voyage, a couple of the voyage crew had set out a fishing line off the stern of Endeavour to attempt, yet again, to catch something. This time paid off, at about morning tea time on the ship a Blue fin Tuna was hauled in by one of our voyage crew James, which was happily announced over the ships PA system and a lot of other voyage crew came up on deck to check it out.

Being so close to home, a lot of the crew are now realising they don’t have very long to go until we are berthed in Port Lincoln and they will have to depart the ship so many are taking the opportunity to do as much as they can before then, even if it means losing a little bit of sleep…

All is well…

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  1. I see by the satellite that you are anchored in Boston Bay tonight. I hope you have a copy of Colin Thiele’s “Blue Fin” on board, an excellent story set in the tuna fishing industry that operates out of Port Lincoln.

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