Albany to Port Lincoln Day 10

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 10

Latitude: 39⁰ 37.4’S

Longitude: 132⁰ 50.7’E

Distance travelled: 52 NM

Average Speed: 2 knots

Weather Conditions: Light winds, Skies clearing.

Hello again! And as requested I have added the weather into the above information so you all know the conditions we are in during the day.

So the last 24 hours have been quite exciting for the crew, especially during the night when they were up on deck during their watches.

On the evening of the 28th we all settled into to the ship for the night, but little did we know that over the horizon, a large blanket of fog was slowly rolling in, creating an amazing sight (or lack of sight) from up on deck. During the night the fog enclosed the ship in a huge white blanket and the damp air spread its way through the companion ways to the different decks, dampening all surfaces it could find.

Also during the night, more bioluminescence was spotted in the water, lighting up the majority of the water surrounding the ship. After a small while of gazing into the stunning “submerged stars”, another crew member spotted a large school of fish slowly making its way through the lit up water.

So with all of the surrounds being taken into account with the fog blanket tightly hugging the ship, the bioluminescence in the water and the school of fish, it made to be quite a magical watch for those who witnessed it.

During the morning of the 29th while many of the voyage crew were just relaxing in the 18th century deck after happy hour, all hands were called up on deck. Not for the normal reason to hand sails, but all were told to bring their cameras up on deck to capture some photos of the pod of pilot whales that were visible in the distance. As more crew emerged from below the whales slowly began to swim closer to the ship and soon enough were playfully swimming through the small wake that the Endeavour was creating as she sailed. Many of the voyage crew took photos of the pod of pilot whales, there was at least 15 in the pod including some smaller calves swimming with their mothers.

The last few days have been very smooth sailing, although over the last few hours the professional crew have been preparing for the cold front that is due to pass over in the late hours of tonight, voyage crew will be helping to prepare the sails for some heavy weather sailing as we are expecting south to south easterly winds with a strength up to about 35 knots.

After such a magical 24 hours, I am pleased to say that all is well…


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