Albany to Port Lincoln Day 9

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 9

Latitude: 40⁰ 11.4’S

Longitude: 132⁰ 55.9’E

Distance travelled: 140 NM

Average speed: 5.8 knots

So yet again we have had a quiet 24 hours, all went as normal during the afternoon and the evening of the 27th. As for the night time activities, during the Captains watch he took the voyage crew through the chart room, familiarising them with equipment such as radios, GPS units, Radar displays and some aspects of chart work.

In the morning there were a couple of stories about seeing bioluminescence in the water during the night, a voyage crew described this as “stars that have fallen onto the water” as it shone brightly under the small swell.

The next day patience seemed to wearing a bit thin since we have been motoring for a few days, so what does the Captain do?? “ALL HANDS ON DECK!!”. It seems that the weather patterns are now favourable for us to sail so it is all hands to set all of our squares, fore and aft’s by a very enthusiastic voyage crew! The ship is soon under billowing canvas with the “iron staysails” silent. HMB Endeavour once again becomes a ship under sail Huzzah!

After the ships sails have had set her motion on the water changes, you can almost feel Endeavour sigh in relief….as she gently cuts her way through the water now with the wind abaft the beam and gentle rolling sea’s

Fair winds and following sea’s…..for now

All is well.

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