Albany to Port Lincoln Day 8

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 8

Latitude: 40⁰ 12.8’S

Longitude:  130⁰ 02.0’E

Distance travelled: 158 NM

Average speed: 6.5 knots

So yet another exciting day in the Great Australian Bight! After the egg drop just after lunch a lot quietened down, until, much too every one’s surprise, all hands were called up on deck for a special “proceeding” at sunset. As the crew all waited eagerly on deck to see what the fuss was about, they watched as the captain came up from below all dressed in his official Captains uniform with his hat on and his hair tied back (that doesn’t happen very often). Much to everyone’s delight, one of our Upperyardies Eddie also suited up for the “proceeding”. Once everyone was up on deck it was announced that a couple on board had organised a special treat for us all but especially for themselves. Now as we were now in International Waters, the captain now has the authority to marry people and also renew wedding vows.

Paul and Christine have been married for 35 years and have two wonderful children out of their marriage and what better opportunity to renew your wedding vows than in the middle of the Great Australian Bight on an 18th century tall ship?

Christine and Paul with Captain Ross

All of the crew gathered around as the Captain made a small speech about Christine’s and Paul’s marriage and to congratulate them on their amazing success’s during that time. Afterwards, Chris and Paul made a small speech about the definite highlights of their time together, followed by a kiss, which of course, had to be followed by a cannon fire!!! As the sun set, the cannon was fired and the flag was taken down. Many photos were taken by the entire crew, who were incredibly happy and excited about the outcome of the “proceeding”.

Once again, everyone went down to the 18th to sling their hammocks and got ready for a quiet night.

During the night the ship sailed calmly over an invisible border suddenly changing the time and of course, changing the state!!! HMB Endeavour is now in South Australia!! And conveniently enough around the same time, we also sailed to 40⁰ Latitude, so we are also in the roaring forties! As a small tradition of the professional crew, everyone dressed accordingly for the celebration of entering a new state….

The next morning was quiet with the normal routine going ahead and also a morning lecture with the Captain about weather patterns and meteorology.

And just to make it slightly odd for the next couple of days, we have decided to change to the right time over the next three days, adjusting the time half an hour a day.


All is well.

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  1. To Paul and Chris, congratulations!!!

    What a fantastic way to renew your wedding vows!

    • it most certainly was! the sunset was absolutely beautiful, a very small and quick “proceeding” but i’m sure it meant more than the world to them 🙂

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