Albany to Port Lincoln Day 7

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 7

Latitude: 38⁰ 41.0’S

Longitude: 127⁰ 29.4’E

Distance travelled: 126 NM

Average speed: 5.2 knots

So here we are on day 7, half way through our 14 day voyage across the Great Australian Bight and everyone on board have quite happily fallen into a daily routine, ensuring that they get enough sleep, relaxing time and of course time on watch.

In the evening of the 25th there was a buzz of excitement as the watches gathered in their spare time to produce their “space crafts” for the infamous “egg drop” eggstravaganza scheduled for the next day and some also worked on their performance for the last night SODS event.

During the night while the captain was up on watch, he took the members of the voyage crew who were on deck, through the stars, showing them different constellations and showing them how to “star walk” by sighting a prominent star that can refer to another prominent star and then to the another…….being over 300 Nautical Miles out to sea with a 360 degree horizon was the perfect setting.

Huzzah!! It is now Australia day! And to start the celebrations we of course began the day with!! …Happy hour… but once that was out of the way the crew were allowed to put some more work into their “space crafts”  before the competition was to begin after lunch.

The crew enjoying their lunch out in the sun..

For lunch yet again we had to keep another Australia day tradition, so we had some snags, lamb chops and salad while sitting up on deck listening to a playlist of some Australian classics that some of the crew had prepared earlier, not to mention a lot of the crew dressing as “Australian” as they could…

Once lunch had finished and all was packed up, the decision was made that the “egg drop” would commence at 1330 hours, so there was a quick rush for the watches to put the very final touches on their “space crafts”.

As soon as 1330 was called, all crew raced up onto the waist to watch the event, with the space crafts being scored on not only the ability to keep the egg intact, but their “technical design” their accuracy of hitting the target on deck, and how well they presented their craft.

Under the watchful eye of our Health and Safety Technicians…

The event was allowed to proceed. First came the creation from Main mast named “The Green Flash” after the phenomenal sighting at sunset a few days ago, it was made from cardboard with an “aeroplane jelly” filling and let’s just say…. Things didn’t end well for “the green flash” nor did it end well for the egg pilot inside as it was rather smashed.

Next up was Foremast’s creation, the “Spirit of Eggbert”. It was quite well made and quite solid compared to “the green flash”  also made out of cardboard but the inside was different… it had a small egg casing inside and the egg itself was cushioned with tallow. Even though it didn’t land anywhere near the target, it did however land in someone’s lap before falling to the deck, with the egg still intact.

The last contestant was Mizzenmast’s creation, “The Eggdeavour” and some of the expressions on the crews faces were easily showing what they were thinking… The Eggdeavour was a simple design with just a large cone made out of paper with rice bubbles and honey in the nose of the cone to provide some padding when it landed. Once it came time to drop it from the main course yard, the watch member who let it go chose a spot in front of the mast, to allow for wind since their space craft was so light, and with that, they let it go and it landed no more than 5cms from the Target… with the egg still INTACT!

So it was a clear win for “the Eggdeavour”… and the time to settle down after all the excitement of the morning…


All is well

4 thoughts on “Albany to Port Lincoln Day 7

  1. What a great eggsperimental eggsperience.Was there much honey to clean up?What are you planning for Easter? Sounds like a great Australia Day and you appear to have fine sunny weather too.

    • Hey! no there wasn’t suprisingly, it stuck well to the inside of their space craft. The messiest clean up was “the green flash” which they had filled with red jelly… and of course their egg yolk was every where too. The weather is amazing! it’s only started getting cold in the last couple of days and hasn’t been rough at all -crosses fingers- glad you enjoy our blog 🙂

  2. Wondering if we could have more information from Endeavour as to daily weather/wind conditions, sails set etc? i.e. in the Blog.
    Have been curious as to winds found en route? Albany today blowing E at about 30 knots, swell and waves commensurate and the Harbour/Sound pretty vigorous sailing for a 24 footer. Fun but…..
    All went well though. Come back soon!

    • yeah sure! i’ll do my best at adding them in, the problem with the winds found during this leg is that there hasn’t been strong winds at all… been very calm with a small swell the whole time, due to change in the next couple of days though, Thanks for reading!

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