Albany to Port Lincoln Day 6

Albany to Port Lincoln Day 6

Latitude: 37⁰  27.6’ S

Longitude:  124⁰  50.4’E

Distance travelled:  120 NM

Average speed:  5 knots

So after all the excitement of yesterday, the last 24 hours has been rather quiet and relaxing for the crew. During the afternoon they all settled back into their watch routines, though this time they were required to be all rugged up on deck due to the cold wind and rougher seas that had graduated during the first hours of the afternoon, causing spray over the bow and a few sets of cold hands. Once night set in, the engines were turned back on so we could gain some more ground while the majority of the crew slept.

Although during the 12-4 watch this morning, according to some of the crew there was a lot of sing-a-long happening up on the quarter deck, with the theme songs from The Lion King, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, along with some good old sea shanties.

Once everyone was awake for the day and the voyage crew had sat down for their morning meeting on the waist, the Captain made a special announcement. As tomorrow will be Australia Day, there have been a couple of organised activities for the day, one being the infamous “egg drop” challenge. Where each watch must design a “space craft” made out of fully biodegradable materials, to house a raw egg from the galley, it then must be able to survive the drop from the main topsail yard with the egg in one piece.

So many of our voyage crew gathered in their spare time to begin preparations for the event.

The rest of the day was normal routine and standing watches… but only until tomorrow…


All is well.

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  1. Happy Australia Day for tomorrow, to all the Endeavour crew. What a fantastic way to celebrate our national day, out in the bight sailing the high seas (hopefully not too high for you though)! Enjoy the egg drop!

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