Albany – Port Lincoln Day 5

Albany – Port Lincoln Day 5

Latitude: 36⁰ 54.7’S

Longitude: 122⁰ 56.2’E

Distance travelled: 106 Nm

Average speed: 4.4 knots

Well the last day has certainly been fun and exciting for the entire crew.

After lunch time on the 23rd of January, all was well as we were sailing full and by. This of course, was the perfect time to conduct a Man-Overboard Drill.

Once the crew were notified of the drill and alarms were turned on, voyage crew all raced up to their bracing stations and got the fizz boat ready in a matter of minutes. Once the boat was deployed, the boatswain and the second officer climbed down to board the boat and zoom off to rescue the poor little buoy that we had heaved overboard. It only took a few minutes, but the buoy was soon rescued and the fizz boat was back alongside before we knew it. From the time when the alarm was raised to when the fizz boat pulled up alongside the ship and tied up, only 10 minutes had passed, which makes it quite a successful drill.

The Boatswain and Second officer in the "Fizzboat"

Once the drill was complete, Captain Ross had decided to have an hour or so where we send out one of the voyage crew Michelle Chan who came on board as Media from the BBC and the steward to have a chance to take some photos of the ship while under full sail. Some stunning footage and photos were taken as the weather and lighting was absolutely perfect.


After the “Photo shoot” once Michelle and the steward had boarded again and the boat was lifted and secured back into place, the Captain thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear and tack the ship. To wear, the ship turns direction with the wind behind the ship at all times, it is like gybing on a modern yacht, but tacking is a lot more complicated due to the ship having to turn all the way into the wind, adjusting all the yards and sails at just the precise moment… could hear the creaks of the ship as everyone held their breath and whispered encouragement’s!….yes, we did tack and why? Because we can!

In the evening, in between the two sittings of dinner, there was the celebration for Ben’s Birthday.  Our catering officer Nigel had a massive chocolate cake prepared earlier filled with jam and cream. We had all the watches gather downstairs before Ben walked down the companion way to the 20th. All the lights were turned out and candles were lit, Ben made his way downstairs and just as he made it to the last step the entire crew burst into song and sung “Happy Birthday”. After the cheers and he cut the cake, all went back to normal and they all went back to their watches and the duties they were assigned to.

So all in all, today was one of those perfect sailing days were a lot of work was done but a lot of fun was had. And then it was time to fall back into the ships routine to sail, or rather motor during the night. There were quite a number of voyage crew looking at the sunset as word has got out in regards to the infamous green flash that was seen the night before. Alas heavy cloud settled in that prevented us seeing this phenomena but soon cleared the sky’s cleared for a spectacular viewing of the stars.

In the morning Captain Ross conducted our first lecture of the voyage and talked about the original ships history and how she sailed.

All is well.

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  1. Awesome shots! I guess media’s not allowed to enter the photo contest? Well done all. Looks like a great day despite the rainy appearance on the webcam previously! Happy sailing
    Mal Nico

    • Thank you! i’m quite happy with how they turned out too, the weather did look like it changed alot, clouds came over and it drizzled for a little while but then it came good. Thanks for reading!

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