Albany – Port Lincoln Day 3

Albany – Port Lincoln Day 3

Latitude: 36⁰ 37’S

Longitude: 118⁰ 49’E

Distance travelled:  110.6 nm

Average speed: 4.6 Knots

Hello again!! And welcome to day 3 of our voyage from Albany to Port Lincoln.

Leaving King George Sound

As said in the last blog, the Endeavour was just sailing out of King George Sound in the afternoon, once we got far enough out to sea, not only did it get a fair bit rougher under motor, but it also got a little bit wet. It managed to drizzle for most of the afternoon, so a lot of the crew took shelter in the 18th century deck to read a book or to sneak in a little nap before their next watch.

Later in the afternoon a lot of the crew were called up on deck by the officer on watch, not to work or handle lines, but to have a good look at the double rainbow that was brightly showing in the sky after the small showers.

Once night set in and it had been rough for a few hours, only a few people were struck down by the dreaded sea sickness, but all were still in good spirits and happy to chat and help when they could.

Once the sun had risen once more, all the crew were up early for breakfast, and getting ready for another day at sea.

Just before lunch, all hands were called up on deck to set the sails and by the end of a short workout session the Fore Course, Fore T’gallant, Main course and a couple of others were set and catching wind. The engines were turned off, which were providing us with approximately 5 knots and the sails now took the weight travelling at about 4 knots.

Oh, and just for those who are wondering our total mileage for the entire circumnavigation so far is 8584.6 NM, so the ship and her crew have covered a lot of ground (water) over the last few months.

All is well.