Albany – Port Lincoln Day 2

Albany – Port Lincoln Day 2

Latitude: 35⁰ 03’0S

Longitude: 118⁰ 02’5E

Distance travelled: 9.7 NM

Average speed: 0.4 knots

Hello! And welcome to day 2 of our Albany to Port Lincoln voyage.

After anchoring in Cheyne Head for the rest of the afternoon the crew went through the normal safety talks and routines, although this time, one part was different. Because we are sailing into a lot colder climates, an immersion suit demonstration had to be added to help the voyage understand how to put one on quickly and efficiently, how they work and how to pack up and store them away safely. Immersion suits are required to be carried on board after passing certain latitudes to ensure in the case of emergency that all personnel on board have the best and most up-to-date equipment necessary for colder climates.

One of our voyage crew trying on an immersion suit

Also in the evening, all crew were called on deck to launch the rescue boat, not only as a drill and practise but to also lower two of the permanent crew down so they could place a light on the anchor bouy.

On the next morning after breakfast, everybody was up bright and early to weigh anchor and set their first sails for the voyage.

The anchor was taken up at 1000 hours with all hands called up on deck to lend a hand.

Once the sails were set and all was well, the Endeavour and her crew slowly sailed out of King George Sound and into “the big blue sea” where there was a noticeably larger swell and drop of temperature. Ignoring this, all are still keen for the rest of the 12 days crossing the bight.


All is well.