Albany – Port Lincoln Day 1

Albany – Port Lincoln Day 1

Latitude: 35⁰ 01’S

Longitude: 117⁰ 57’E

Distance travelled: 4.5 Nm

Hello! And welcome aboard the HMB Endeavour’s blog once more.

So the first day of the voyage to Port Lincoln certainly started off with a bang.

Once the ship was spick and span this morning, the voyage crew were sorted into watches and came on board at 0930 hours, to get to know their new surroundings for the next 2 weeks, as well as meet the crew mates and other voyage crew.

Once we were all settled in, a few regular faces were recognised as voyage crew from past voyages, and a few minutes were spent hearing stories of recent adventures they’d had and their excitement to be back on board.

Leaving our berth in Albany was a bit trickier than most, was definitely a tight squeeze between the pontoons, but we can thank one man who volunteered himself and his little boat, along with one more crew member, to help us with manoeuvring out of the port safely. He pushed up on our bow as we went astern from our berth, just so we could turn completely around and leave the port bow first.

While we were leaving a lot of the voyage crew took the opportunity to take photos and wave to their relatives who were on the wharf and surrounds seeing us off. Once we had left port and made safe distance from the wharf and groins we let off a signature cannon fire to the joy of the onlookers.

Once we were on our way to the anchorage, the entire crew took the opportunity to take in the serene surroundings of King George Sound.

At lunchtime, we anchored in Cheyne Head for the night, to start the training in the afternoon and to give everyone a night to settle in before the real adventure begins…

All is well