Fremantle-Albany Day 7 Final Day

Fremantle-Albany Day 7

1100 hours berthing at Albany Town Jetty

Distance Travelled: 99.6 NM

Average Speed:  4.35 knots

Hello! And welcome to the last day of the voyage from Fremantle to Albany.

During the last evening of the voyage before the ship berthed the next day, a lot of the crew spent their free time relaxing in the company of their watch mates and exchanging contact details, so they can keep in touch and share any further adventures they may have. For dinner, unfortunately unlike other voyages we were still under motor and dinner was held in the 21st century deck although still holding the tradition that the permanent crew prepare and serve, giving the voyage crew their last eve at ease. The dinner served was also the traditional roast that is served on the last night followed by one of our chef’s amazing cheesecakes, which were a delight to the entire crew.

When it was time to sling their hammocks for the last time, you could see the happiness and contentment as the crew reminisced on their newly made memories of a fun and successful voyage. So they finally rested their heads knowing that the people they have met on board and worked with in their watches will remain friends for life.

Setting the sails for the display as we sail into port...

In the morning, once every one was up and about, it was time for the final pack up and a clean out of their personal belongings and some final moments to get photos of their new friends and the ship.

Once we approached Albany the crew all hands were mustered on deck to set a display of sails as we entered Albany port. All of the voyage crew, ignoring that they were in watches leant a hand wherever and whenever they could to do the final bit of sailing and end the voyage with a bang (a signal cannon shot was fired entering Port).

The lineup of cars on the hillside, watching the Endeavour sails into port.

There was a buzz of excitement as we started to sail in, as multiple vessels joined us along the way, from dinghy’s to the local Whale watching vessels.

After a tight squeeze into the port and the ship was berthed, the voyage crew mustered on deck again for their final talks with the captain and to say their goodbyes. Captain Ross gave a speech about the final statistics and thanked the voyage crew for the amazing effort they had put into everything they did on board and handed out their final certificates and track charts as a thank you and as a memory for them to treasure and to be able to share with their families and friends.

The final statistics for this voyage are:

Total Nautical Miles – 548NM

Under Sail- 166NM

Under Motor- 382NM

All is well.