Snapshot! Photography workshops at the Museum these holidays

The sun is shining, summer is in in full swing and the museum is abuzz with the sounds of play as some of our youngest visitors come out in force to enjoy the holiday programs!

The first of our Summer Youth workshops in photography was held this week and a few of the spectacular shots are included below.

A small band of enthusiastic snappers ventured out and around the museum to find inspiration in the harbour foreshore. Rust- marked pylons, bright orange life-savers bobbing in reflective waters, the blinding white and spectacular angles of the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse; textures, patterns, traces and details framed in cropped and close up shots.

Participants used digital SLR cameras supplied by workshop facilitators Spitting Image Photography and learnt the basics of focus, aperture, and framing.  They then printed, framed and edited their best shots to take home.

Next week in our Advanced course participants will get to focus on mastering the full suite of manual modes on the camera to create even more stunning and professional images. They will also learn editing techniques in this intensive two day course on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January.

There are still limited places available for this exciting workshop. Book online today.

P.S And for all of those budding photographers, check out our Museum Moments photography competition. Major prize is a $4000 digital SLR! Closes 14 February.

Photograph of Cape Bowling Green lighthouse

Photographer: Chole

Close up photo of guns on HMAS Vampire

Photographer: Mitchell

Close up photo of ship portal

Photographer: Emily

Close up photo of tied rope

Photographer: Thea

Close up photo of HMAS Vampire

Photographer: Rebecca