Fremantle-Albany day 6

Fremantle-Albany Day 6

Latitude:  34⁰ 57.5’S

Longitude: 115⁰ 59.5E

Distance travelled: 114NM

Average speed: 4.75 knots

Hello! And welcome to day 6 of our Fremantle to Albany voyage.

During the night of the 10th while Mizzenmast watch were on deck for their 12-4 watch they were quite excited to spot the lighthouse from Cape Naturalist on the horizon, showing that they were making good time and get closer to their destination.

As we have come closer to the coast, a lot of the swell and wind has died down making it smooth travelling for the past few hours, giving our engines a bit of work and our voyage crew time to relax, which is exactly what happened this morning, just before a lecture of navigation when morning tea was called. A number of crew have been seen sitting up on the quarterdeck soaking up the sun, taking in their surroundings and watching the progress as we come around Point D’Entrecasteaux.

Dave sitting up on the quarterdeck watching the world go by

During their watch this morning, some of the Main mast watch were given the opportunity to climb to the top of the main mast and check out the view. Sadly there were no sails to furl or any work to be done aloft but they got the experience and the chance to see everything that was happening from above.

During that climb a lot of the other crew sat on the quarter deck with the Captain while he gave them another little class on Navigation, explaining *celestial navigation and how to navigate with a paper chart.

*Celestial Navigation:

The astronomical methods of position finding at sea.

All is well