Fremantle-Albany Day 4

Fremantle-Albany Day 4

Latitude:  32⁰ 11.6’S

Longitude: 113⁰ 54.2’E

Distance travelled: 100 NM

Average speed: 4.2 knots

Welcome again to HMB Endeavours blog, we are currently on day 4 of our Fremantle to Albany voyage. As posted in our last blog you would know that a lot of voyage crew members got quite seasick when we left Cockburn sound and started heading south, you will be pleased to know that as of the afternoon of the 8th, many of the crew have been able to get up and help out with their duties, many more have been seen down in the galley and nearly all have been seen smiling and laughing with their other watch members.


At 1900 hours on the 8th all hands were called on deck to wear ship, due to seasickness, we had a few stragglers in this exercise but the job was done very well, with the voyage crews newly obtained skills, knowledge of handling the lines and of course teamwork…

All hands on deck!


On the morning of the 9th we all awoke to find a beautiful day waiting for us up on deck, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold but unfortunately the wind conditions weren’t so favourable and to many crew members disappointment, the call was made to start up the engines so we can make our destination in time.

When the engines were started, and sails were furled, many of the voyage crew unfortunately had another type of rolling to get used to and some members started to turn again… but so far so good!!

All is well.