Fremantle-Albany day 3

Fremantle- Albany Day 3

Latitude:   32⁰ 08.4’S

Longitude:   113⁰ 53.1’E

Distance travelled:  108.6 NM

Average speed: 4.5 knots

Hello again and a big welcome to HMB Endeavour’s Web blog, we are currently on day 3 of our 7 day voyage to Albany.

The voyage crew, watching as the Endeavour sails for the first time since their departure. In the afternoon of the 7th the ship was preparing to travel under sail as we headed out into the ocean and out of Cockburn sound. As we finally made it through the channel that leads out of Cockburn sound, to the north of Garden Island and started unfurling the sails voyage crew and professional crew aloft were pleased to see a pod of dolphins swimming by the ship and weaving underneath the Endeavour playfully. By 2000hrs Endeavour had turned off her engines and we had become a sailing vessel to much of the voyage crews’ excitement… until… once the swell kicked in and we started rolling a fair bit more, a lot of the voyage crew started to feel rather queasy and some ended up quite seasick, having a “happy bucket” in tow wherever they went…

Safety lines were rigged on deck to help guide the crew while the rolling was at its worst, to help support people and to help them steady themselves if they did start to stumble.

On a good note though, despite the quite large amount of seasickness among the voyage crew, all were still happy to talk to you and give you a smile, knowing that they would get better and help on deck again soon.

On the morning of the 8th, unfortunately a lot of the crew was still recovering from their seasickness but they still worked on deck when they could and the improvement in their health and ability to move around was noticeable to all on board.

Despite the seasickness during the morning, a lot of the crew went through the normal routine of the day and attended the morning meeting and lent a hand with “happy hour” which is not what most people are associated to on land, as on board Endeavour it is a daily cleaning routine!

Captain Ross during the morning voyage crew meeting.

By Midday on the 8th many of the crew had overcome the worst of their seasickness and were back to doing their duties during watches…

All is well

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