Fremantle-Albany Day 1

32⁰ 10.79’ S   115⁰ 41.16’E

Distance travelled: 10.4 nm

Average speed: 3.5  knots

The HMB Endeavour is heading out to sea once more, with another shipload of excited and happy voyage crew and just as excited professional crew. We have  sailed this morning to resume our circumnavigation and begin the 7 day voyage to Albany. Though of course not before the Fremantle community united on the wharf in celebration of HMB Endeavour sailing once more from the Port where she was built all those years ago…

Among the crowd were not only families and friends of the new voyage crew, but among them were volunteers from when HMB Endeavour was first commissioned, wearing their navy and white striped uniforms and “HMB Endeavour” weaved straw hats.

As well as a pipe band, who played beautifully as we departed in the traditional kilts and outfits there were a group of men dressed as 18th century marines who lined up and stood to attention on the edge of the wharf and as we sailed, they stepped forward and fired blanks in our direction, and as a response Endeavours crew readied and fired a cannon blank back towards the marines which created an almighty cheer from the onlookers on Victoria Quay.

After all of the excitement from the leaving celebration all the voyage crew have started to settle into their new roles as sailor’s onboard and are making themselves at home.

Just as a last note from the Endeavour and her crew for today, we would like to send out a very heartfelt “thank you” to all of those who volunteered or assisted with the ships movements during ISAF also to the continuous support we have had from the Fremantle Ports and the Fremantle, Perth and regional communities of Western Australia.

6 thoughts on “Fremantle-Albany Day 1

    • Hi Judy, the webcam is back up and running from 12-1pm AEDT every day while Endeavour is at sea. Cheers, Carli

  1. Hey! Caught the webcam today. It looked a bit cloudy with a swell, judging by the way the horizon kept flicking up, down and around. Noticed a familiar sailor lounging on the hatch too! : ) Awesome! Only 14,000 miles away, but the webcam brought us right there to share a bit of the experience. Thanks!

  2. Greetings Captain Ross and all currently aboard. Thought you’d be interested to know you have made the front cover of the latest Qantas in-flight magazine. My wife and I boarded our flight in Brisbane to return home to Melbourne, pulled out the magazine and there she is! Endeavour in all her glory, together with an article by Jennifer Byrne about her experience on the Cairns-pThursday Island leg. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to joining you in Hobart. Good sailing till then!

  3. Hi Carli,

    Yup! Thanks! I have been watching it the past couple of days – that’s quite the swell you are in! : )


  4. not sure about the last para. I’m pretty sure the metal bits stay in the same relative positions to the poor old compass (unless the skipper gets out his portable chunk of ‘metal.’
    Old salt (mizzen)

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