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Since departing Sydney on our journey around Australia, we’ve had the privilege to meet some amazing people along the way. It’s so great to hear from the people we’ve met after they have been onboard Endeavour. Below is a message we received from Ray, a voyage crew member on the recent Bunbury – Fremantle leg. Thank you Ray, we hope to see you again soon!

“I wanted to pass on a sincere thank you for the opportunity to sail aboard HMB Endeavour.

The journey was an incredible experience, and the ability to take the ship to sea and experience just a glimpse of what those early seafarers faced was amazing. No amount of time that ship could spend tied at a wharf on display could convey what we learned in a few days aboard her, or deliver anywhere near the appreciation one gains from sailing “hands on” on the high seas. The permanent crew were without exception dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable on the ship and the period she sailed, and Capt Ross was a true professional who clearly has a deep passion for the ship. The amount of times he would magically appear at the helm, day or night, when the ship altered course or the sea state changed was almost spooky – he seems connected to her very soul.

While there is no doubt a risk in letting the Endeavour loose from her shackles in Sydney, those aboard reap the reward by experiencing a deep appreciation for the vessel and those who sailed aboard her predecessor all those years ago. As a community outreach experiment for the museum it has been an outstanding success in my opinion. I have become an ardent promoter of the vessel and the experience to anyone who will listen, and I hope one day to join Endeavour again for another journey on the high seas.

Please pass my thanks onto the crew, and the appropriate people in management who made it possible.

Yours Sincerely

2 thoughts on “A thank you note

  1. Ray, I fully concur with everything you said in your thank you note. As a “Super” from Townsville to Cairns I had the most wonderful experience and met a cross section of Australians and Australia. All were extraordinary.
    All too often I visit my photo files on my computer and relive the people and experiences of my wonderful week.I know I’ll never meet them again but I’l never forget the long conversations a 0400 on bow watch as the new day appeared over the horizon, and there’s no better view than a rising sun than through the rigging of a Whitby Collier!
    I feel that this circumnavigation has been so successful and significant in so many ways that It should be a biannual or four yearly event and I would be a great supporter if that was possible.
    Since leaving the “old girl” I’ve been sailing “full and By” through my otherwise normal daily routine. So thanks Capt. Ross and all my shipmates you’ve changed my life too..

  2. Hiya guys,
    This is really wonderful promo with passion.
    Can we poss publish comment on ‘Freotribe’ blog of The Fremantle Society? THE Fremantle Cultural Heritage advocacy group since 1972.
    Visit site for info; http://fremantlesociety.org.au/blog/
    cathy & Jon (Freo shipkeepers)

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