Fremantle arrival 19th November – REVISED

HMB Endeavour will be arriving back into Fremantle tomorrow (19th November) at 1440 and not 1400 as first posted. She will not be open to the public as she will start a 12 day maintenance period before commencing day sails with ISAF.

6 thoughts on “Fremantle arrival 19th November – REVISED

  1. St Arnold has named their beer Endeavour, it will be available some time after Christmas, after this name winning the competition.
    Russell brown

  2. Hi endeavour crew
    looking forward to HMB Endeavour returning to freo, and shipkeeper duties, as per our roster, on Sunday night (1900hrs 20-11-11:-)
    cheers cathy & jon (04 0708 6300)

  3. That is great news to hear it has been named Endeavour! I am sure we had a good contribution to the poll. I hope you are well Russell, pretty coincedental that you are out there!

  4. when will endeavour leave freo? as much as i am proud of her being built her she is moored in my favourite fishing place. no offence intented.

    • Hi Endeavour will be leaving Freo on the 6th January so you can have your fishing spot back. No offence taken 🙂

  5. lol! Peter, we’ll be departing Fremantle for Albany on 6 January. So you’ll have your fishing spot back then! Good luck!

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