Day 1 Bunbury – Fremantle

Leaving Bunbury

Latitude; 33°18.08’S

Longitude; 115°39.5’E

Distance run in 30 Min; 0.8NM

Average speed; 2.6KN

It is an early start this morning as we pack up our
belongings from the comfort of the hotel and prepare our gear for re-joining
the ship. We always enjoy a bit of leave, but usually we are all keen to go
sailing again and today is no exception. Today is also a very special day, as
we are officially at the half way mark of the circumnavigation of Australia. It
is a good time to reflect on the journey so far, but more importantly to look
forward to the journey to come.

The crew learning how to brace

At 0930 the topman, upperyardsman and I head down to meet
the eagerly awaiting voyage crew. This voyage we are almost at full crew
compliment with only two short, meaning that it is going to be a cosy ship. By
1015 the formal introductions of the professional crew are taking place and
then 2nd officer Ally gives a brief about the emergency muster
stations and alarms.

By 1055 the pilot is
boarding and we slip our first line. The crew are straight into work mode as
the Foremast watch prepare the anchor cable on the fore deck and Brian and
Vicky pull more cable out from the forepeak. The foremast is also the watch who
get the short straw to handle the cable whilst we drop the anchor. After the
incident of the anchor cable on the previous voyage, we have had to resort back
to using the very tarry and messy anchor cable, dirtying the nice new clean t-shirts
of the voyage crew.

The anchor is dropped just out of the Bunbury port channel
at 1138 where we will stay the night and continue with the crew training. There
is much to learn from climbing the rigging safely, where the narrow emergency
escape routes are located, to what your number is and where you will sling your
hammock for the next five nights.

All’s well.

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Foremast watch getting to grips with the tarry cable

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  1. Hi there
    I was one of the supernumaries on the Exmouth – Geraldton run and am currently in Houston Texas and have just been to the St Arnold Brewery mentioned in today’s blog re naming their next beer. Seems name Endeavour is well ahead with the vote closing Nov 17. Their beer is great and I can fully recommend a visit to the brewery if you are ever in Houston. They have another beer called ‘Elissa’ which is named after a tall ship based in Galveston Harbour, they say it is ‘like’ the Endeavour. If we get down to Galveston we will try to check it out.
    Russell Brown

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