Day 3 Fremantle to Bunbury

All hands to wear ship

Latitude; 32°22.7’S

Longitude; 115°09.4’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 69.4 NM

Average speed; 2.8KN

After the excitement of the morning we are finally underway
and setting some sails. Some of the Mainmast watch; Gus, Chris, Alastair &
Allan are sent up aloft to unfurl the Foretopmast staysail and Mainmast
Staysail. Once down they set the sails and we can stop the engines. It is
always a surprise when the engines are cut to just how quiet and peaceful the
ship is without them and it is a great feeling to be sailing again.

At 1510 we wear ship as we are approaching a reef and
heading close to the land. By 1540 we wear ship again as we approach close to
Rottnest Island. By wearing ship we were hoping to achieve enough leeway to
clear Rottnest but unfortunately we can’t quite make it and by 1700 the call
comes for the engineer to start the Iron Staysail. The plan is to just make
enough ground to clear Rottnest and then to set sail again.

Tending to the braces

It is Mainmast once again on watch when the time comes at
2100 to set the sails and get the ship under sail again. Although we are
sailing it isn’t in the correct direction as we head N/W with S/W winds,
thankfully at 0300 in the morning the wind swings around and we are able to
make an S/W heading.

The morning brings us bleak grey skies and rain;
unfortunately it looks as though it is going to stay this way for a few hours
as there are no breaks in the clouds. Finally we get into the ships routine
today as the professional crew have their meeting, followed by the voyage crew
meeting and then the hour they have all been waiting for, ‘Happy hour’ the hour
in which to get the ship, ship shape.

There are a few people still trying to find their sea legs
and there are fewer people looking bright eyed busy tailed this morning but I
think a lot of it has to do with the rainy weather which has soaked all the
crew during the last three watches.

All’s well.