Day 7 Geraldton – Fremantle

Kelvin being interviewed for the radiobusy decks

Latitude; 32°03.1’S

Longitude; 115°44.5’E

180 days voyaging and half way around Australia, not quite
the world but we are very proud of our achievements made all the more special
by arriving into the ships berth place tomorrow. We are once again sailing and
even managed to set our Top Gallants, making everybody beam from ear to ear. It
is not long before Rottnest Island is within view and the realisation that
tomorrow we will be back in the hustle and bustle of a city. The anchor is
dropped and secure by 1600 and the professional crew start setting up for the mess
deck dinner and the sod opera performances.

The evening goes very well and I have to say that Katie and
Kelvin stole the show with their performances. Katie plays the guitar and sings
a song that she wrote and Kelvin recites a poem that he wrote.

It is an early start with most of the professional crew up
at 0600 to start heaving up the anchor at 0630. We have guests on board this
morning from the University of Notre Dame, who have come on board to film our
grand arrival with a top of the range octopus camera which films 360°, we
also have some local media doing live radio interviews on board. At 1000 we
start the parade of sail where we are joined by numerous other dressed boats
and Freemantle’s port response vessel firing their water jets. The ship is
sailing into the harbour and firing cannons, the deck has a hive of activity
with Radio interviews, cameras helicopters buzzing and the sounds of cannons
and ships horns

cannon fire

It is exceptionally exhilarating to have so many people come
out and escort us into the port. Once we are in view of the wharf, we are all overwhelmed
by the amount of people that have come to welcome us, there are Australian
flags flying everywhere you look and people holding up posters of the ship. We
were expecting a warm welcoming but nothing could have prepared us for the
reception that we were given by the people of Fremantle.  We are alongside by 1100 and it is not long
before the voyage crew are disembarking. It has been a very memorable voyage
and it is fantastic to have travelled six months, with ten port visitations to
finally bring the ship to her spiritual home, where she just seems to fit. Fair

All’s well.