Day 6 Geraldton – Fremantle

Admiring the sails

Latitude; 32°05.1’S

Longitude; 115°17.8’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 59.6NM

Average Speed; 2.4KN

The afternoon proceeds with more maintenance and getting the
ship looking ship shape. The swell is starting to decrease and the ship is
becoming a lot more comfortable and stable. Tonight’s entertainment is brought
to us by Larissa from the Main mast, at 0000hrs in the form of Russian Cossack
Patrol dancing.

This morning we wake to the sound of silence, finally the
engines have been cut at 0400 and we are once again under sail. The Mizzenmast
has had an exceptionally busy morning up aloft unfurling the sails and setting
them, leaving only Deon and Dags on deck at the helm. The Foremast watch do an outstanding
job, managing to get almost everything set. It is a beautiful sight to come on
deck and see the sails full and to see the rare but majestic sight of another
tall ship, Leeuwin on the horizon.

By midmorning it is all hands on deck to wear ship for some
friendly cannon fire at Leeuwin, we are all stood by Port cannon ready to fire
when she suddenly wears ship so we all run to the starboard side and fire
starboard cannon. It was all about tactics Leeuwin tried to get the upper hand
of being windward, but we manoeuvred the vessel carefully so that Leeuwin had
to fall away to leeward, consequently we were able to broadside her from our
Port Gun. Then as Leeuwin sheepishly fell away, we had other plans by quickly
wearing ship and enabling another round of fire from our starboard gun all under
full sail, HUZZAH!!

Taking aim

There is a fantastic atmosphere on board with the sails set,
the sun shining and the excitement of sailing into Fremantle tomorrow, the
ships spiritual port. There is much going on above and below decks with plenty of
sail handling to be done on deck. Below in the 18th century there
are groups huddled everywhere practising their sods opera performances and down
in the 20th century Nigel and Eddie are busy whipping up a storm of
a meal tonight and preparing tasty treats for the Great Cabin Afternoon tea.

All’s well

The Majestic Leeuwin

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