Day 5 Geraldton – Fremantle

blacking the liferaft covers

Latitude; 31°17.4’S

Longitude; 115°08.9’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 98.1NM

Average speed; 4.08KN

The sea’s continue to produce a long lolloping 6m swell well
into the afternoon, she reacts rolling straight over the top which is due to
her design of being flat bottomed and rounded bow. Most of the crew are getting
used to the motion, but every now and then there is a hit that knocks you off
your usual balance. Captain Ross gives a lecture about how to take a sight with
the sextant and the sun, unfortunately though during his lecture the sun
disappears behind some clouds. Since leaving the tropics it is quite a novelty
to see such an array of clouds and trying to predict the weather from observing
them, something that was rare in the tropical latitudes. Shortly after
maintenance has been called the sun makes another appearance so those
interested go and have a look through the sextant. Deon, while blacking the life
raft cover suddenly shows an interest in the IT system on board and the access
we have the outside world, the conversation quickly turns to sport an if I can
have a sneaky  look at the scores for the
Wallabies next time I am online. So if anyone knows please let us know.

Bow lookout moves back to avoid getting wet

It is good to see so many crew wanting to assist in the
maintenance considering most of the jobs are not very glamorous. Each day you
can see the ship shining in more and more areas, the main focus is to get the
channels clean and the ship looking her finest self to show her off to her
original home port.

As the evening arrives the clouds start to appear greyer and
the wind increases to 20 – 30 knots, which decreases our speed dramatically.
Unfortunately we are still under engines, as the winds are just not allowing us
to sail in the direction we need to be heading. By 1900 there are interesting
high and low clouds that may bring upon inclement weather. The Mizzenmast watch
strike all the staysails before the clouds close in and bring us some disruptive

It is quite apparent in the morning just how rollie last
night was. There are several personal belongings scattered everywhere and even
some plates took a dive at 0300 this morning. Again there are many people
walking around in a dazed state this morning. It is hard to get comfortable in
a rollie sea, but it is the noises that you also have to contend with. There
are plenty of noises going bang in the night and sometimes they are noises that
aren’t always obvious to find, making you look slightly insane when you have
your ear pressed against the wall whilst standing in your pyjamas at 0200 in
the morning.

All’s well.

Vic and Peter clean the channels

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Geraldton – Fremantle

  1. Well Done Chelsea!! looks like you are working hard sweetheart, sorry to see that you had such a rollie night, luv n hugs to both you and Krystal!! everyone in Rockingham and Fairbridge Pinjarra sending you girls heaps of hugs n cuddles!! See you Wednesday 🙂 caro

  2. If it’s not already known, the Wallabies triumphed over the Springboks 11-9 from a James O’conner penalty conversion in the last minutes of the game. Other wins were as follows: Wales beat Ireland for a semi-final spot with France which defeated England and Australia face New Zealand in the other semi-final after its victory over Argentina.

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