Day 1 Geraldton – Fremantle

Mizzenmast watch greeting

The crew, after having had a few days off, are feeling well rested and we manage to get the ship in ship shape very quickly and ready for sea tomorrow. We take on supplies this afternoon but it doesn’t take long as our next leg is only seven days and so by late- afternoon we get to finish and enjoy the evening.

It is unusual for the professional crew to be so cool and collective on joining day, but after our busy day yesterday we are all organised and ready to greet the new crew. As we stand next to the ship, there is a commotion going on alongside between the ship and the wharf. On closer inspection there is a rather large seal splashing around and he sticks his head up with a big fish that he has caught. Now that we are in cooler waters we were all expecting to see seals very shortly, but not quite so close. Seeing him showing off his catch is a great sight to see first thing in the morning and for the beginning of the new voyage.

The new crew start to arrive and by 0845hrs Holly and I are checking people in and delegating them to their designated watches to meet their fellow crew mates and their Topman. As 0900hrs comes and goes we are still short of two crew members, which is unusual. Holly gives them a call to find out where they are, they are a day behind and thought that they weren’t
joining until Friday morning. A quick dash and a taxi ride and they are on board by 1000hrs.

Fran stepping down below

This is going to be a very special voyage and a momentous occasion bringing the ship back to where she originates and was built. It will also be her 18th Birthday while we are in Fremantle so we all very excited  and privileged to be a part of this.

All’s well.

Anais giving advice before the futtocks ladder