Day 8 Exmouth – Gerladton

Shore party

Latitude; 25°27.4’S

Longitude; 112°58.2’E

Distance run in the last 1hr; 4.9NM

Average speed; 4.9KN

With less numbers onboard it doesn’t take too long to run the crew ashore, however it is a challenging run. As the rescue boat approaches the shore there is strong surf and everyone’s exit from the boat is well timed, otherwise it is a stumble and dunk into the sea. To reach the lighthouse it is a 40 minute walk, which starts with a steep incline up a sand bank, following
the old tram track and then once at the top it is an even walk along the coast, on a sand track to the lighthouse at cape inscription.

The crew are split into their watches and so Foremast head off first, followed by Mainmast and finally the Mizzenmast. Only Brett opts to stay down the beach and that is because he has plans to fish. The land is mainly flat and covered in low lying shrubbery, but there are many beautiful wild flowers growing which Johno photographs. Brett is successful in his fishing quest and catches four snapper and a cod

Lighthouse at Cape Inscription

The lighthouse has plaques relating to the history of Cape Inscription and nearby is the old farmhouse which is strongly built to withstand the strong winds. On the edge of the cliff is the foundation of another building, which was once the old stable. Some of the crew spot a large Manta Ray down in the bay and you can frequently see bursts of water spouts from the many whales.

Tonight after dinner we decide to have a movie night and so set up the screen in the 18th century as it is too cold and windy on deck. The crew welcome a night on anchor and shorter watches, so they can catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

In the morning we start with the usual routine of breakfast, crew meetings, Happy hour and morning tea. After morning tea we start to commence weighing anchor and today we are going to sail off the anchor and let the crew get more hands on with the sails, as we have been unfortunate to date, with having to be assisted by the engines, due to the wind being in the wrong direction.

All is going well until the anchor buoy is caught on something, preventing us from being able to completely haul the anchor in and as we are sailing off the anchor, we don’t have the assistance of the engine to come forward or astern to rectify the situation, making it a bit of a nail biting moment. Thankfully the crew manage to free the anchor buoy and we are able to set the rest of the sails. As some of the crew are working on securing the anchor the rest of the crew are wearing ship. The deck is very busy with people going from one line to another but once the sails are set and the anchor is secure there is a great sense of achievement from everyone and also smiles that we are finally sailing again after days of motoring.

The next job after lunch, is to reef the topsails.

All’s well.

Hauling up the anchor

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  1. Well done Brett, huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ …..
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