Day 5 Exmouth – Geraldton

Sail handling

Latitude; 23°01.01’S

Longitude; 112°57.2’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 95.5NM

Average speed; 3.9KN

This afternoon we clumsily carry along with the engine running and the staysails set. There is no maintenance as such being carried out which gives the last of the casualties time to rest up. The swell is moderate to slight and so it is much more comfortable and less tiring.

The boatswain and rigger are busy as always this afternoon. They are making new rigging for the Mizzen Topsail. The rope was pre-stretched and tarred back in Sydney in preparation and it will now be replaced during a maintenance period in Freemantle. All the traditional methods are being used to make the stay, this involves a lot of hands on work and experience, something that thankfully both Ant and Drew have. There are three main methods to make sure the rig is suitably protected to avoid chafe and weathering. These three methods are; worming, parcelling and serving.  To worm the rope you wrap a smaller rope in the lay in preparation for parcelling and serving. This creates a cover to the weak area of the rope (the lay) and will stop any water running through it. The next stage is to parcel the rope, which is to wrap tarred canvas around the rope following the lay to give it extra protection and weather proof it further. Then the final stage is to serve the rope, which is to wrap spun yarn tightly on the rope with maximum pressure against the lay, so that it keeps the rope completely protected from the elements.

new rigging

In the morning we celebrate another Birthday, Cindy’s and thankfully everybody is now fit and well to celebrate it. The morning brings us full compliments of crew to breakfast and there are some faces that haven’t been seen since the second day so it is nice to have everyone back to full health.

For the first time in a long time there are clouds in the sky, the sea also appears to be a much cooler blue. Although it is still a sunny day there is a chill in the air and there are jumpers and hats making a more common appearance. Just before lunch Captain Ross gives a lecture about 18th century sailing.

All’s well.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 Exmouth – Geraldton

  1. Great to hear everyone is now feeling better. Would love to see more photos and hear of the various tasks being undertaken by the non-permanent crew. Thanks for the blog. It is like a life-line!
    Kirsten and Rohan

  2. Wow! Rocking & rolling on the webcam today!!! I might have to go & have a tablet after watching that… 😛
    Take care guys.

    Debbie P

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy…… love from all your future in-laws, Fitzgeralds and Abbotts. Bet your smiling face makes everyone’s journey brighter… Love from Marise
    PS hi Brett xxxxx

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