Day 4 Exmouth – Geraldton

Julie checking out the line she is hauling on

Latitude; 21°34.2’S

Longitude; 112°37.6’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 82.3NM

Average speed; 3.4KN

Although the wind eases from a force 6 to a force 5 in the early afternoon, the swell remains. There are still quite a lot of casualties but as the afternoon wears on there seems a bit more life in some of the crew and John and Rebecca even manage a couple of songs on the ukulele. The swell eventually balances itself out, making it a little easier to walk around the ship. It has been a quiet day, with no maintenance so that the crew can catch up on some well-deserved rest, which was missed out on the night before.

At 2000hrs when Mizzenmast comes on deck to take over the watch from Mainmast it is time to wear ship. Both watches do a great job considering it is the first time for some to wear the ship and it is in the dark with some of them not feeling too good. This tack seems much steadier and so we should have a much more restful night.

Nick and Lucy on the helm

The morning brings us a brighter crew and although there is still a fair swell it is a lot more comfortable. The only problem is that we have been going in the wrong direction all night. Again looking at the forecast Captain Ross decides the best plan would be to stow the square sails and keep the staysails and use the iron staysail for the day to help us progress south.

At 1100 all hand are called on deck to hand the sails and then get them furled. All sail handling goes smoothly and there are even a substantial amount of volunteers to go and furl the Fore Topsail and Main topsail. The engines are started at 1230 which instantly creates a fair roll again. After lunch the Foremast watch look for volunteers to go up and furl the forecourse, but most people don’t seem too keen after a big lunch and now that we are back in the rollie stuff.

All’s well.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 Exmouth – Geraldton

  1. Hi Julie, today Wednesday the 21st September is the first day I have been able to watch the web cam, saw you for the first few minutes on it then lost reception after only 6 or 7 minutes, I also checked out the blog for the first time and saw a photo of you posted on Sept 20th. Hope your having a great time. Love Mum xx

  2. Wondering how the passengers are holding up with these swells. Hope Russell Brown hasn’t fallen overboard yet. Leanne

    • Russell is doing super, no swells to big for him. All is well the sea has calmed down and we only have a slight swell now

  3. Hey Juls – glad to see a photo of you NOT leaning over the side of the ship – that’s got to be a good sign. Happy sailing:) XX

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