Day 3 Exmouth – Geraldton

Stowing the anchor cable

Latitude; 21°45.3’S

Longitude; 112°32.6’E

Distance travelled in the last 24hrs; 143NM

Average speed; 5.9KN

The wind has died down to a very light breeze and we are almost adrift, it is a beautiful hot afternoon and is pleasant to gently sail out of the gulf and past the former U.S. Naval communication towers. There are 13 of them in total and they create an interesting formation.

At 1600 we are passing North West Cape where we instantly experience a choppier sea state, as there is no longer any shelter from the land. Although the swell is not big, it is a bit of a shock to some of the crew who have just experienced flat calm sea less than thirty minutes ago. Because of the current wind and the forecast for the next day, we need to immediately
head North West to be able to progress South tomorrow in the south westerly winds predicted.

At 1700 Mainmast and Mizzenmast wear ship to get us on course for the night and shortly after we start the iron staysails. The reasons for the engines, is because there are five rigs on our intended course and so it is a case of careful navigation, planning and a boost of power to ensure we keep a safe distance away from them. Although our course looks good on the
chart, the reality of our course over ground is quite different with the tides and swells affecting us. It is not too problematic; we just need to ensure we are in the right position for the wind tomorrow.

Later on at 2330 the wind increases having a subsequent effect on the swell, however it is not comfortable as the sea state is confused, making it very difficult to predict the movement of the ship while walking around. It takes its toll on a lot of the crew and in the morning the ship is very quiet as everyone tries to get as much sleep as possible after a rollie night. Unfortunately neither the wind nor swell has subsided and we are still experiencing the uncomfortable swell. Despite this Endeavour powers her way through the confused sea and manages to make speeds of 8 knots. The ship is high out of the water but in these conditions the decks are awash as are some of the crew!

All’s well.

Uke playing on deck

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  1. So a great start but I’m sorry for all those feeling seasick. Hopefully some dolphins will come along to distract and cheer you. Wonderful to be able to read the blog and feel a part of the adventure. Stay safe. Kirsten and Rohan

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