Day 2 Exmouth – Geraldton

Nita enjoying her 19th Birthday and her first day onboard

Latitude; 21°55.0’S

Longitude; 114°10.5’E

Distance run in the last 1.5hrs; 3.2NM

Average speed; 2.1KN

After a delicious lunch it was time for everyone to have their safety talk about going aloft and then each watch took in turns to climb the main mast, a watch either side. Whilst climbing the crew got a taster of things to come, as there was a spectacular array of marine life spotted from aloft; octopus, crabs, turtle, fish, dolphins, osprey and whales.

Captain Ross then gives his talk about helming and the different terminology that will be used and that the crew will be expected to be able to understand and respond to. Whilst giving his talk an enthusiastic follow of the ship calls up on the VHF to ask if there would be any possible chance that he can come onboard. This poor fellow has been trying to get onboard for a look round on several occasions over several years but due to circumstances for one reason or another had never quite made it and has had at least four missed opportunities. Although we are exceptionally busy with the training Captain Ross emphasises with his situation and tells him that if he can get out to the ship he is more than welcome to have a look around. He
arrives at 1800 and gets a guided tour by the captain and is a very happy man to finally have a look around the ship.

Amy bashing the anchor cable

The wind picks up again this evening and we have the same problem as the night before with the anchor cable snagging on the Bower anchor on the Foredeck. The engines are started as we ease off creating slack so that the crew can free the cable. Most of the crew are oblivious as they are flat out fast asleep.

The new crew seem bright and breezy this morning with majority of them having said they slept well. We start to weigh anchor at 1000 and sail off, which is always a high to start the trip. The weather forecast is looking better than originally anticipated but we are expecting a bit of swell.

All’s well.

Cannon fire as we leave Exmouth

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  1. How fantastic to have you all celebrate Nita’s special day with an awesome looking cake – wish I could have snuck away in her luggage!! Thanks everyone for making that so very special, hugs and kisses from all Nita’s Noongar mob down here in Rockingham – Happy sailing, all our love Caro

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