Day 14 Broome – Exmouth

The pirates

Latitude; 21°7.9’S

Longitude; 114°09.1’E

Distance run in the last 4.5hrs; 19NM

Average speed; 4.2KN

As we approach into Exmouth we have some boats come out and greet us, we also have whales still constantly breeching around us. The water is flat calm and we are also accompanied by dolphins.

We reach our anchorage at 1630 and some of the professional crew are already down below organising the mess deck for tonight’s dinner. The voyage crew relax on deck whilst others get into costume for the evening. Mickey, Deb, Anais and Ally are dressed to the nines as pirates. There doesn’t appear to be any last minute rehearsals, which uncommon so these guys must
really have it together.

The dinner goes fantastically well and then it is time for tonight’s entertainment and our MC is Peter. He does a super smashing job with his lovely assistant Laura. The Foremast watch come up with a creative song and skit on some of the professional crew. The Mainmast watch gives a very quirky lecture on shanties which finished with us singing a shanty created by the Mainmast watch. All the while there is a very attractive mermaid by the name of Ben, lying on the barrels. The Mizzenmast performed three songs all of which were superb. The
evening is finished off with a couple of presentations on deck and then an early night for all those not on anchor watch.

Final goodbyes

The morning comes and it is time for everyone to gather their belongings and start to get ready for their departure. It is hard to say goodbye, we have had fewer crew and spent a lot of time together. The voyage has been incredible with the diversity of wildlife and it has never ceased to surprise even the most travelled of the professional and voyage crew. Fair winds

All’s well.