Day 12 Broome – Exmouth

Even the chef's help tack

Latitude; 21°37.4’S

Longitude; 114°40.2’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 67.4NM

Average speed; 3.2KN

As we approach into Exmouth Bay we shake the reefs out of the topsails and prepare ourselves to tack the ship as we fast approach land, we haven’t tacked the ship this voyage but we are felling optimistic with the current wind conditions. Everybody is on deck and standing by their stations. The call then comes that the helm is a lee and to let the fore topmast staysail
fly. The next few minutes is a series of commands and people quickly reacting, whether it is to brace or to set the main topsail. We have Nick controlling the fore deck who is getting information relayed from second mate Ally who is controlling the main mast and the initial call coming from first mate Dirk. The ship easily makes it and all runs perfect like clockwork.

Most are then stood down as we sail away from Exmouth but those that are still revelling in completing the tack put their harnesses on and go aloft to loose the Fore and Main Topgallants. The plan is to now sail back out to Serrurier Island where we will go ashore and explore tomorrow. At 1600 all hands are called back on deck as we need to put in another tack to enable a clear course to sail out of the bay.

The crew at their bracing stations

In the evening the wind drops off, which is becoming common in recent nights. The Mainmast watch are on deck and at 2230 they hear a noise close by over the starboard side, when they look down there is a whale adjacent to the ship, then just at the point the engines are started and the whale is spooked.

In the morning we are not far from Serrurier Island and as we approach our anchorage there are concerns as there appears to be large mounds close to the shore that we fear might be whales beaching themselves. The first run gets ashore and calls in to notify us that the mounds are actually a significant amount of large turtles. It is just towards the ending of the mating season and Serrurier is a relatively and secure area for the turtles to nest.

All’s well.

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