Day 11 Broome – Exmouth

Our additional crew member

Latitude; 21°55.6’S

Longitude; 114°16.0’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 75.8NM

Average speed; 3.1KN

After the speed and direction of the wind in the last 24 hours we will be in Exmouth in a few hour’s time, that is before Foremast takes over the watch at 1200. As usual whenever they are on watch the wind always changes and in this circumstance it rapidly decreases.  It is not long until we are rolling along again in gentle, easy winds. Maintenance commences at 1400 as usual there is a variety of jobs being undertaken. Rachael and Mickey help to scrape the excess pitch of the quarter deck, which is not a particularly glamorous job especially when you have to watch out for hazards such as the tiller, but they do a sterling

It is a clear, striking night and there are no hazy confused blind moments when stepping on deck this evening, as eyes are instantly adjust to the bright light of the moon. We are once again aimlessly adrift, but it is a good feeling after having been hectically rolled around this morning, it is a good time to reflect. We have another visitor taking a ride from the ship tonight, a
tern who seems very content sitting on the timberhead watching the business of the ship.

This morning the wind has increased to 20 knots, but we sail along comfortably. At 0630 just as the sun is rising there are simultaneous ohh’s and arrr’s coming from the bow look out. There is a Humpback Whale breeching literally 100m away from the ship and is showing off. He breeches repetitively in front of us and as we sail by he is off the port side, in front
of the beautiful sunrise, coming up over a small Island. A picture postcard moment and an incredible way to start the day.

Humpback breeching meters in front of the bow

By 1100 we can see some telecommunication towers that once belonged to the American naval base. They are supposedly the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere at 388m tall. It is a spectacular sensation sailing into Exmouth Bay with whales breeching 360° around us.  Not one of us have ever witnessed so many wales as we have in the last two weeks and I really can’t emphasise how special it is to have a mother and her calf meters away from the ship.

All’s well.

Trying to get the perfect whale shot

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