Day 10 Broome – Exmouth

Enjoying the sailing

Latitude; 21°05.6’S

Longitude; 114°59.2’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 116.2NM

Average speed; 4.8KN

Looking at the weather forecast, it is predicting that we are going to continue to experience these strong winds for the next couple of days. In light of this and having decided that anchoring off Enderby is not going to be a viable option we now decide to make the most of the wind and continue on sailing.

It is hard to believe that just eight days ago we were struggling with the little wind we had and having to sail north of Broom as it was the only direction we could sail, to now being ahead of schedule. The plan is to sail north of the Montebello group and Barrow Island before coming closer to land. After lunch it is time to put a reef in the topsails on the Fore and Main mast. Volunteers seem to be reluctant to begin with, which is understandable as the ship is rolling persistently. Once rallied together the crew go aloft and get the sails reefed. Most crew are happy to have endured the challenge of the experience and come down smiling.

Amy getting ready to take her group up to reef

It is not long before the ship really starts to roll, which is a trial for all. For the professional crew admittedly it has been a while since sailing in such conditions and we frantically double check that we have safely lashed everything down and try and re-tune our ears to what might be making an almighty banging noise. For the voyage crew it is a challenge to learn the motion of the ship and how to time getting around the ship. There are many bruises being accumulated, but on a whole the crew are coping really well, just one step forward two steps back and remembering the golden rule of one hand for yourself and one for the ship.

On the flip side, the sailing is incredible and it is a pleasure being on deck with the beautiful bright sun echoing off the surface of the swell and sea birds gliding in the wind, there are even whales still being spotted breeching. The decks are getting wet, which is rare on Endeavour as she is high out of the water. Every now and then you get a screech from the bow look out, as a stray wave crashes over.

All’s well.


4 thoughts on “Day 10 Broome – Exmouth

  1. To Peter Cumming and all aboard, great to reed your blog, thought for a while we would have to drive to Darwin to pick you up, bless thos easterlies!
    Leaving Perth in the morning, will see you in Exmouth, happy sailing.

    Best wishes, Frank.

  2. Hi to Kyle and the rest of the team – I can see you are moving along at a great pace hope all are well feel a bit seasick just reading about it!! How exciting to see the whales and sea birds must be fantastic out there. Cheers from the Jones Family.

  3. There seems to be a disjoint between your position as reported in this log and as shown on the endeavourvoyages website satellite position, which shows you still up north of Broome, more or less out from Collier Bay (Lat/Long: -15.391944, 122.964444). Did you lose your satellite tracker overboard?

  4. Bill, Sorry the G.P.S tracker is not currently showing our correct position and we are currently trying to resolve this.

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