Day 8 Broome – Exmouth

Bosun Drew working on the anchor cable

Latitude; 20°26.6’S

Longitude; 116°25.7’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 128.5NM

Average speed; 5.3KN

Foremast watch seem to have a dramatic effect on the wind force, last night half an hour after being on watch it picked up and now they are on after lunch the wind has decreased to a very gently force 2. It is a beautiful afternoon and the sea swell has dropped off remarkably quick, considering there was a sea swell of 2-3m this morning.

The bosun, Drew and rigger, Ant are working on the anchor cable, there is a badly chafed strand in one of the three primary ropes that make up the cable which was caused by the anchor fouling in Broome. To take the primary rope out of the anchor cable would be a timely procedure that we are unable to carry out at sea due to our schedule. As a temporary fix, what they
are doing is putting a worming along the cable to add additional strength and security, in case the primary rope gives way.

Diagram of the cable lay

Again when Foremast come on watch at 2000 the wind starts to pick up and when it gets to 15 knots of wind across the deck the Foremast watch hand the Foretopmast Staysail. The wind
progressively picks up during the night and when we change course at 0415 in the morning the ship starts to roll. She majestically rolls with the following seas and it is a striking sight to look out of the loading hatches so close to sea level and watch her gently lift up over 3-4m swell with such grace and ease. The sea has a white foam vein over the surface showing that we are in force 5 seas. Our speed gets up to 9 knots and although we are well clear and miles away from Mermaid reef we are now being lured to Mermaid Strait in the Dampier Archipelago.

In the morning land is visible and our planned anchorage of Dolphin Island is no longer viable with the current wind strength and direction. Now we are going to head down Mermaid Strait and see how the conditions are off Enderby Island where the anchorage should be more sheltered.

All’s well

Furling the sail