Lucy teaching her watch knots

Latitude; 20°01.2’S

Longitude; 118°19.4’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 96.8NM

Average speed; 4.03KN

As we slowly drift on by, we get overtaken by our bio-disposable waste which was thrown over the side ten minutes earlier. Despite drifting slowly, there is still plenty happening onboard  with Topman Lucy teaching her watch different knots and methods. There seems to be some confusion with the learning methods and before Lucy knows it, Mary and Laura have come up with stories about drunken rabbits, dropping handkerchiefs and going down the wrong hole? At least that is their version of how to remember a sheet bend.

At 1400 the emergency alarm is sounded for a fire drill, all the voyage crew proceed to their muster stations to number off while the professional crew follow their muster duties. For the sake of the drill the fire is declared in the dry store and the first response heads down with a fire extinguisher and then shortly followed by the second response with the fire hose. All goes well and the drill is over within 12 minutes. Bob the booby is still loitering around the ship using it as a base while he eyes up shoals of fish.

Mark and Anais at the fire pump

There are rumours of the engines being started after the drill, but the decision is made that we will try and persist in the light wind. Gradually from 0000 the wind starts to increase from a force 2 and by 0400 the wind has increased to force 5. It is a beautiful sight and feeling to come on deck this morning with the sails filled and the ship sailing full and by at 8 knots in the sunshine. It is hard to pull yourself away for breakfast as the ship hasn’t been in conditions with the wind this good since the voyage up to Thursday Island.

All’s well.