Day 6 Broome – Exmouth

All hands working together on the Fore course

Latitude; 19°28.5’S

Longitude; 119°23.3’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 110.5NM

Average speed; 4.6KN

Because the wind is still in the wrong direction and we have to keep the iron staysails running, we decide to make today a maintenance day. The forecourse has a couple of holes blown through it and so we need to change it out with the spare forecourse to be able to repair it. Danielle, Marcel, Sarah, Neil, Catherine and Peter from the Forewatch go up with Amy and do a
splendid job unbending the sail off the yard in the preparation for bringing it down. Once both sittings of lunch are over, the watches work together to bring the sail down on to the deck. They split into two groups, one on starboard taking the reefing lines out of the course that needs repairing and the other group on the port side putting the reefing lines into the spare sail.

All the while this is happening stern lookout has a visitor, a Boobie. He seems quite tame and not uncomfortable with the noise, people and activities of the ship. He is in fact quite the show off as everyone comes close to get a photograph and he starts to groom himself.

In the morning we wake to sails being set which is a great sign that we will be cutting the iron staysails. The Forewatch again are responsible for setting the Forecourse and the Fore topmast staysail. At 0700 there is finally peace and quiet as the engines are stopped. The Mainmast get the Main course set and eventually the Main topgallant. We still have our visitor onboard in the morning as he seems quite content to sail along with us. Captain Ross gives a lecture at 1100 about meteorology and then unfortunately the wind becomes non-existent and we are once again becalmed…

All’s well.

Our visitor

5 thoughts on “Day 6 Broome – Exmouth

  1. Captain Ross & crew HMB Endeavour,

    I have not checked charts, but how close to the wreck position of “Batavia”
    will you be sailing?

    Fair Sailing,
    Charlie Jensen

  2. What a lovely visitor, and a beautiful photograph of him! He looks very wise – probably keeping a watchful eye on you all as you head down the WA coast (plus enjoying the free ride)!

    Fair winds, and a big Hi to everyone onboard,


  3. Hi Charlie, we will not be in those waters until our next leg from Exmouth to Gereldton. The area you are thinking of is the Houtman Abrolhos, Pelsaert Island, just off Geraldton. If the weather is favourable we will hopfully go very close to this Island group….but not too close!

  4. Greetings Captain Ross and all on board. As you know, Endeavour has a connection to space via the trunnel in the Great Cabin that was carried aboard the Endeavour space shuttle way back in 1992.
    Now there is another; the Mars rover Opportunity has recently entered a crater on Mars called none other than Endeavour, according to a report in The Age:
    “It has been driving on and off for more than seven years, but this month it reached its new destination. Opportunity, a small exploratory rover that landed on Mars in 2004, has trundled to a crater called Endeavour.”
    Great stuff! Thought you’d like to know.

    • Thank you for that information Bill, it is great that connections are being kept even in worlds apart! I will print this up and share it with all the crew

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