Day 4 Broome – Exmouth

Tarring the new tiller rope

Latitude; 16°32.0’S

Longitude; 120°25.1’E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 84.8NM

Average speed; 3.5KN

As we continue to make way, we are still unfortunately not making the course we want to and are still progressing North West. Spirits are high, as we have a nice constant wind and good sailing regardless of the course. This afternoon we get the majority of the crew involved with maintenance and it is good to see so many people getting involved. Some of the crew are scrapping and cleaning tar from the windlass and some of the crew are tarring the new tiller line that has been made.

Just before smoko we spot two whales off the Starboard side and they look as though they are heading towards us. I grab my camera case and just as I go to get my camera out, the Humpback whale breaches and twists high out of the water and crashes back down, I miss the shot but I have never seen a whale breech so close and to see it twist mid-air was spectacular, something of that size looking so agile is incredible. Jonathon gets the shot of the remarkable event, which I hope will be a lasting Birthday memory for him.

Jonathan and his Birthday cake

After dinner there is the announcement for all available crew to make their way down below to sing Happy Birthday to Jonathon and to watch him blow the candles out on his beautiful Birthday cake that Nigel and Eddie have made. It is a calm, quiet night with the ship gently swaying as we still remain off course.

There is concern in the morning with some of the crew that we are being allured to mermaid reef and that it has nothing to do with being the best course that we can steer, full and by, I guess time will tell… The ocean has changed for being an inviting turquoise in the shallow waters, to a hypnotic iridescent dark blue, which is blinding when the sun rays hit it. The water is very deep where we currently are and is crystal clear.

The time has come to wear ship and head away from Mermaid reef; it is an all hands call. Once everyone is on deck and lined up at their bracing stations we wear ship, which goes very smoothly, so smoothly we decide to wear ship again and then again. The reason why we wear ship three times? Because we can…

All’s well.

All hands to wear ship