Day 3 Broome – Exmouth

Many hands make light work

Latitude; 17°11.9’S

Longitude; 121°31.3’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 67.9NM

Average speed; 2.8KN

We continue to set more sail as we struggle to make any head way against the tide and still appear to be very much in the same position if not drifting backwards. We need sea room (distance away from land) and need to be sailing any direction but East to give us that distance. The tide then changes and instantly you can see that we start to gently progress forward. The wind is SW-W which is not a good wind for us as we are trying to head S but as long as the engines aren’t started we are prepared to sail any direction apart from towards land. There are also a number of shoals surrounding us that we need to carefully navigate around. We set the Mizzen Staysail and the Mizzen course so that we are able to sail closer to the wind and the helmsman is sailing *full and by. We put the new crew in a very challenging position as they handle the lines for the first time while sailing off anchor and also asking them to helm full and by and not by coning for their first experience on the helm. They step up to the challenge and do an incredible job as we slowly distance ourselves from the sore and isolated dangers.

At 1300 we do a practice muster drill so everyone is aware of their muster stations and what the alarm sounds like. Ally then gives the crew a brief in marine safety and the equipment supplied with each of the life rafts.

It is great to be able to experience the vast starry skies again now we are away from the hazy town lights; the moon is bright making it easier for the crew to get their night vision. During the Foremast watch at 2300 – 0000 the winds drops and we are left drifting again and unfortunately it is in the one direction we don’t want to head in, East towards land. The wind
increase between 0400- 0500, allowing us to continue sailing without the assistants of the iron Staysail.

The morning meeting brings treats

The morning brings us sunny weather but with a freshness in the wind. The crew are adjusting and finding their sea legs. We follow the usual ships routine in the morning and then Captain Ross gives a lecture on 18th century sailing.

All’s well.

  • Full and by is the term used when sailing as close to the wind as possible.

Nick taking a sight from the sun

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  1. Eleanor veen

    Bannaghtyn voish Mannin
    Ta ny eiyrtyssee ayd ayns Purt le Moirrey goaill soylley jeh dty vlog as insh da dty vainshter dy lhisagh eh shiaulley mygeayrt yn Cholloo marym dy by vie lesh greensaghey firrinagh! Ta’n seiyeyder gobbraghey nish ansherbee.
    S’liklee dy dooar oo brick varrey yn laa elley agh ta mee er dayrtyn eeast ny smoo na shen er yn Charrick. Veagh yindyssagh dy voddagh shin feddyn magh quoi daag ny tree cassyn er Ellan Middle Percy.
    Bee sauchey as cum seose yn obbyr vie ayd.
    Dty yishag.
    Dad xxx

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