Day 1 Broome – Exmouth


Latitude; 17°56.3’S

Longitude; 122°11.7’E

We are greeted by a dewy & hazy morning with the decks saturated. We have a bit of cleaning to do before the Topman and I head ashore to meet the new voyage crew. We give the ship the finishing cleaning touches and then those of us required head ashore to meet the crew. We are meeting in the car park just off the beach but some of the new voyage crew are experiencing the difficulties of public transport in small towns. By 0915 we have our first boat load on the way to the ship while the Foremast and Mizzenmast get more acquainted
on the beach. We even have a familiar face, Debbie who was only onboard two voyages ago back for another trip.

Everyone is onboard safely by 1030 where we show everyone where there gear is kept and a quick look around before we do the formal introductions. Already it is a hot day and maybe a shock to the system for some of those who are joining us from further parts.

The plan is to remain on the anchorage for today and tonight and then leave at 0900 in the morning. This will give the crew a change to digest all the information and get a good night’s rest before heading to sea. All seem to be smiling which is a good sign, but it could be because lunch is called and everyone is hungry!

We would just like to thank Broome port authorities for their support, prior to and whilst the ship has been in Broome. We have enjoyed our brief stopover in Broome and wish that it could have been longer with being such a quaint, friendly town.

All’s well.